DHDC Educational Workshop


DHDC Educational Workshop

The DHDC is a community support organization that invited CultureVerse to host an in-person workshop with their summer program students. CultureVerse demonstrated 3D immersive technology and talked about how this tech can be useful. Students were given a tutorial on how to build their own 3D spaces using Saganworks and the session ended with students sharing the rooms they created with the group.

“The CultureVerse team created a safe environment that allowed the youth to step outside of their comfort zone and engage with one another. For the first time in 5 weeks, I saw youth engage with peers they normally do not. Additionally, they were excited and involved with the Saganworks platform and it’s capabilities. A few of the youth reached out to me afterwards and asked for the Saganworks web link, further confirming the extent of their interest. It was a well presented workshop, thanks!”
Noelly Guerrero Gomez, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation

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Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation
October 12, 2021

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